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Welcome to Bitcoin Detector's Free Faucet Lottery!
UPDATE 03/11/2017:

With Bitcoin price going wild, limited advertising earnings and visitor abuse, number of winning tickets has been reduced.

UPDATE 06/10/2017:

UPDATE: we've disabled Monero mining as it's not very effective + it's annoying. We'll have to find another way of financing the lottery. For starters, we'll reduce the number of winning tickets.

UPDATE 27/09/2017:

UPDATE: because of confirmed large number of bot users and decrease of advertising revenue, we have implemented Monero mining which will borrow your CPU processing power while you’re on this page (not the rest of the site). We’re already running this site with a loss, and this is currently just an experiment to see how it goes. We’re aware that some people will decide not to visit the site, but that will mean they also don’t get a chance to win prizes – decision is yours.

UPDATE 09/09/2017:

We've switched to WEEKLY LOTTERY DRAW

UPDATE 26/07/2017:


How does this work?

Our lottery basically work the same as usual faucet with one difference: instead of Satoshis, you actually claim free entries to our lottery. The more you claim - bigger chances of winning. We currently do one draw a week, each Saturday morning (CET).

  1. You need to have account at FaucetHub first. Our Lottery pays only to FaucetHub addresses!
  2. You need to register to our website before you can make claims. Registered users also receive our occasional newsletter with special offers and information about free entries.!
Total paid so far: 29,513,290 Satoshis
Entries this round: 309 entries


Yes, number of prizes is limited only by total number of prizes which are available in each draw.
You can get minimum 2 entries, and maximum is currently set up to 128 entries.
  1. By referring other users to this site. You get 50% of entries of each referral. For example, if your referral claims 2 entries, you will get 1 bonus lottery ticket. If he hits the 128 entries - you will get 64.
  2. By claiming your entries every day. The more days in a row you claim, higher your seniority reward will be (50-150%)
  3. By reading our newsletter to be informed about free entries and special bonus rounds
To keep this lottery honest and give everyone a decent chance to win, only one account is allowed per user (this is why we require registration with legitimate email address).
Number of claims is currently NOT LIMITED. The more you claim - better your chances to win!
By all means NO! There is anti-bot system which will ban bot users and all of their referrals!
Reward Satoshis Number of winners
10 5000
Claim days in a row Bonus entries
5 50%
15 100%
30 150%
Seniority resets if you don't claim every day!
Address Amount
1KJrkvfWELEaqSEGtFrZceLXC3DhQQ48Jy 18,620
1D8afNaDYgRiwz3f25zwoU5L4HBE7zNsog 13,480
1NHipzhYF5VNHMo3SmqZ7ZkK3bQwadM3Gj 3,820
1BALX72RaHr4vnG4XsjqPRq8wbpCwsEY4L 3,450
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 3,320
1JzFnFhUBcr2Vw7ZV7LawNkTFQotrzXUuH 1,830
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 1,780
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 1,160
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 670
338EgDcMp7EGhPnTXvzpiZkxb2rXxbgmX4 580
33cZvURuBwN5cEorngnnrarJi9SRq6r5hf 470
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 470
1P3Ks37QkfTEbXn5Es65qPSN8wTd1SQFvt 130
18Rfj1uuCDdjbvubBDvF8kpc1yJjy1NQB1 90
1KQH8frmvb7tixnNiw4V9uFub6foy9bgsE 50
3D3aV27LgoM1ycsaJYtheUKUAbpz2EuXRx 30
1PfTdiaqE2G894GF3ocJACr8pfVpGG7izi 30
12NKHHNhamvMfLTPXUvrwrMCwj5hLenCu8 20
1KJrkvfWELEaqSEGtFrZceLXC3DhQQ48Jy 16,210
1D8afNaDYgRiwz3f25zwoU5L4HBE7zNsog 10,600
1NHipzhYF5VNHMo3SmqZ7ZkK3bQwadM3Gj 6,740
1BALX72RaHr4vnG4XsjqPRq8wbpCwsEY4L 2,850
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 2,600
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 2,470
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 2,210
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 1,320
3D3aV27LgoM1ycsaJYtheUKUAbpz2EuXRx 1,250
3JcRdzuXpd4hAPiahFH8Szr8uckKbUfAaE 1,010
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 660
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 460
1P3Ks37QkfTEbXn5Es65qPSN8wTd1SQFvt 360
14AknknsfZGqxCXbsiBmv66T4cnYdCVc1X 350
1JzFnFhUBcr2Vw7ZV7LawNkTFQotrzXUuH 310
33cZvURuBwN5cEorngnnrarJi9SRq6r5hf 260
1LLsdWqXjp5hjj5L2LYYKpHttGkZocahFG 150
338EgDcMp7EGhPnTXvzpiZkxb2rXxbgmX4 130
3FZByNaZ4ZsnjdhqRbDkvoxsnbWofPtcSt 40
198htVmNZQHMRqQRsEDhuamehHxt9sPYz1 10
19WTCy8g6ZE3mV1WErbrfopyedzKemRieb 10
1NHipzhYF5VNHMo3SmqZ7ZkK3bQwadM3Gj 13,060
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 8,850
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 6,400
1D8afNaDYgRiwz3f25zwoU5L4HBE7zNsog 5,410
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 4,530
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 2,880
1LAuRmPwU5esW1cXRVhnU17Pa7wjHjoVst 2,830
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 1,470
3JcRdzuXpd4hAPiahFH8Szr8uckKbUfAaE 1,390
1BALX72RaHr4vnG4XsjqPRq8wbpCwsEY4L 1,230
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 580
1EEPfbgSbAvkR1bsUSRhZgHPdmJSVed7r3 380
33cZvURuBwN5cEorngnnrarJi9SRq6r5hf 290
1LvtrQ6H5eDp1uJ6teHhpUaguahwvaYYhK 200
1P3Ks37QkfTEbXn5Es65qPSN8wTd1SQFvt 190
3FZByNaZ4ZsnjdhqRbDkvoxsnbWofPtcSt 160
1JNF2tpiFrC9AyQdsoRs2BPMSarho1rt9v 40
34DtdmU7tjYyCCXapMJtxnV5cUsE66MmQY 40
14chsunxfKMFtF9KFgAVuiYMpTMzoN5C67 30
1KJrkvfWELEaqSEGtFrZceLXC3DhQQ48Jy 30
1LChcnXJgqtyoVERGEQ9Mxv7mLhtvwDRsX 10
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 34,590
1D8afNaDYgRiwz3f25zwoU5L4HBE7zNsog 19,960
1NHipzhYF5VNHMo3SmqZ7ZkK3bQwadM3Gj 12,960
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 8,640
1BALX72RaHr4vnG4XsjqPRq8wbpCwsEY4L 7,470
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 4,980
3JcRdzuXpd4hAPiahFH8Szr8uckKbUfAaE 3,440
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 2,210
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 1,690
1LAuRmPwU5esW1cXRVhnU17Pa7wjHjoVst 670
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 670
3FZByNaZ4ZsnjdhqRbDkvoxsnbWofPtcSt 470
1P3Ks37QkfTEbXn5Es65qPSN8wTd1SQFvt 390
33cZvURuBwN5cEorngnnrarJi9SRq6r5hf 310
1KJrkvfWELEaqSEGtFrZceLXC3DhQQ48Jy 300
14JthcEatFxuNgiHwhMwwgexweyhppCgjG 170
34DtdmU7tjYyCCXapMJtxnV5cUsE66MmQY 90
3FJL1WF7CJ7oigZinCJ4pcrQ6ymqPs44bZ 20
13rSXUdNqhEuV8EZRPJpkdpr4ov7dyiP4u 20
1BJKzHtG717d3d5beZm4Pa4VQmA6p9hDV6 10
1LvtrQ6H5eDp1uJ6teHhpUaguahwvaYYhK 10
174XL5427X5ggEaNPMBDHM759pX7869m87 10
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 30,410
1D8afNaDYgRiwz3f25zwoU5L4HBE7zNsog 19,570
1NHipzhYF5VNHMo3SmqZ7ZkK3bQwadM3Gj 11,230
14JthcEatFxuNgiHwhMwwgexweyhppCgjG 7,500
1BALX72RaHr4vnG4XsjqPRq8wbpCwsEY4L 7,020
1KJrkvfWELEaqSEGtFrZceLXC3DhQQ48Jy 6,170
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 4,050
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 3,460
3JcRdzuXpd4hAPiahFH8Szr8uckKbUfAaE 2,190
3FZByNaZ4ZsnjdhqRbDkvoxsnbWofPtcSt 2,100
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 2,060
3ME1RkaPoYjDZaD1yWoJkDAKH9LbTMWP2J 1,340
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 990
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 660
33cZvURuBwN5cEorngnnrarJi9SRq6r5hf 370
3D3aV27LgoM1ycsaJYtheUKUAbpz2EuXRx 340
1P3Ks37QkfTEbXn5Es65qPSN8wTd1SQFvt 220
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