Get Your Free Tickets for 16.60 Bitcoin Lottery Jackpot!

For those of you who still don’t know – there is an awesome new Bitcoin Lottery site called True Flip! Current Jackpot on this site is over 16.60 BTC! All you need to do is to get some tickets for daily draws.
If you don’t want to buy actual tickets, you just need to register and confirm your email, and you will be getting a free ticket every day!
Doesn’t sound bad, right? Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, other prizes also don’t sound bad at all for a lottery where you can get a free entry every day:
5+1 hits: Jackpot
5 hits: 30% of the pot
4+1 hits: 20% of the pot
4 hits: 1 BTC ($1822.04)
3+1 hits: 0.5 BTC ($911.02)
2+1 hits: 0.05 BTC ($91.10)
3 hits: 0.025 BTC ($45.55)
1+1 hits: 0.005 BTC ($9.11)
1 hits: 0.003 BTC ($5.47) (extra number only)

2 hits: 0.001 BTC ($1.82)

Don’t forget to play every day, at least with that free ticket!
Good luck!